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Maxine the Vaccine


Are you as fed up as I am with this Covid virus? Stuck at home? Not seeing your friends? Well, do not despair! My scientific friend Phyzz tells me that […]

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Cyrus the virus


  My scientific friend Phyzz has been giving me some good advice on how to deal with the nasty virus that is making such a nuisance of itself at the […]

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How Cold is Cold?


My scientific friend Phyzz is looking forward to the summer. She hates the cold and the wet. But how cold is a frosty winter’s day, compared to the coldest cold […]

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The Sub-Atomic Particle Zoo


My scientific friend Phyzz went to the zoo recently, and to her delight found a new section devoted to sub-atomic particles. She gives some advice on what to do, and what […]

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