About Me

Paul Bright

Children’s author and poet

I am a writer of poems and picture books, and sometimes longer stories as well. I have also written for school reading programmes, CBeebies radio and BBC web sites, and had stories broadcast on CBeebies TV and CITV’s Bookaboo.

I live in Kent, and try and do some writing every day. When I had a proper job I lived and worked at different times in Switzerland, The Netherlands and Spain as well as the UK. I travelled a lot and did my best to squeeze in some writing on trains or planes or in hotel rooms.

I have no dogs, no cats and no tortoises. More excitingly, I have no crocodiles and no dragons either.

My blog may tell something of what I’m getting up to, but more often will include some new poems. Fortunately I have some help with writing the poems; my assistant Phyzz enjoys writing about all things scientific,


while my eight-legged friend Webster lives at the bottom of my garden and keeps an eye on what is going on in the world around him.


So keep your eyes open for their bloggings. If they run out of things to say, I might jump in myself and scribble a few words.