The most mindboggling fact to ever boggle your mind!

My scientific friend Phyzz has pointed out that almost 20 million seconds have passed since my last Blog post. That is really, really bad. That is a really, really big number.

But Phyzz just laughed. “Do you want to know some really big numbers?” she asked. “Some numbers to boggle your mind more than it’s ever been boggled?”

I said I did. So she told me:

“Scientists have worked out (just roughly, because it’s impossible to know exactly) that there are seven million, million, million grains of sand on planet Earth. Including the sandpit in your local playground.”

“Wow! That’s mindboggling!” I said.

“That’s nothing,” said Phyzz. “Because there are more stars in the universe (not just the ones you can see yourself in the sky) than the number of grains of sand on the planet. Around seven thousand, million, million, million!”

“That is just incredible!” I said. “How big must the universe be to have that many stars?”

“But that’s not the most mindboggling,” said Phyzz. “Because, if every star in the universe were turned into a molecule of water – how much water would you have?”

“Enough to fill all the oceans?” said me.

“Five drops of water,” said Phyzz. “Just five drops.”

I hope that’s boggled your mind too!