Hello and welcome to my web site. Some of you may know me as a writer of poems for children. Some may have read my picture books. And, more recently, some of you may know of my Winnie-the-Pooh story in ‘The Best Bear in All the World’, which is published to celebrate Pooh’s 90th birthday.
And if you don’t know me at all – then I’m specially pleased to meet you, and I hope you enjoy looking around the site.

Poem of the week

Science Stinks

Science stinks

And that’s not all.

It fizzes, flashes, bubbles, bangs,
Grows, glows, pulls, pushes,
Moves, murmurs, hums, growls,
Crawls, creeps, bleeds, breeds,
Tries, tests, bends, breaks,
Makes, mends, clones, cures,
Probes, peers, seeks, finds,
Clears, steers, leads, links.

Don’t you love it?

Science stinks.

First published in ‘Read Me at School’, edited by Gaby Morgan, published by Macmillan, 2009

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