Hello and welcome to my web site. Some of you may know me as a writer of poems for children. Some may have read my picture books. And, more recently, some of you may know of my Winnie-the-Pooh story in ‘The Best Bear in All the World’, which is published to celebrate Pooh’s 90th birthday.
And if you don’t know me at all – then I’m specially pleased to meet you, and I hope you enjoy looking around the site.

Poem of the week

Ooh! It’s Hot!

Ooh, it’s hot!
Phew, it’s hot!
Boy, I’m telling you it’s hot!
Scorching sand beneath your feet,
Ice creams dripping with the heat.
Hot enough for frying eggs.
Burning arms and burning legs,
Squirt the sunscreen with a ‘Splat!’
Hang on! Don’t forget your hat!
Pumping up the paddling pool,
Garden hose to keep you cool.

Ooh, it’s hot!
Phew, it’s hot!
More than Timbuktu it’s hot.
Suddenly we’re all complaining,
… Cheer up – it’ll soon be raining!

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