How Cold is Cold?

My scientific friend Phyzz is looking forward to the summer. She hates the cold and the wet. But how cold is a frosty winter’s day, compared to the coldest cold of all?

How Cold is Cold?

I hate the cold, I love the heat,
Like baking sand beneath my feet,
Want blazing sun upon my face
In some far-off exotic place.

But when there’s sleet or snow or ice,
When winter weather’s just not nice,
You’ll never hear me moan or curse,
I know it could be much, much worse.

Think of the very coldest place,
The deepest, darkest, realms of space.
No warming sun, no shining bright,
Just distant pin-point pricks of light.

Now, there it’s cold – without a doubt,
And scientists have worked it out,
How cold that coldest cold can be,
(In Centigrade, or degrees C)

It’s minus two hundred and seventy three.

So, freezing days of ice and snow
Are like an oven’s roasting glow,
Compared to space’s furthest reach.
But still, give me a Spanish beach.