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Playing Pooh-sticks


I have just made a visit, long overdue, to the Pooh-sticks bridge in Ashdown Forest, to pay my respects to the Best Bear in All the World. The stream was […]

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The best nest


  My eight-legged friend Webster has been watching the baby birds hatching in this warm spring / summer weather. At one point a very sprightly baby blue-tit started singing chirpily, […]

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How Cold is Cold?


My scientific friend Phyzz is looking forward to the summer. She hates the cold and the wet. But how cold is a frosty winter’s day, compared to the coldest cold […]

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Christmas poem


I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already, and I’ve not written a blog for ages! New Year’s resolution – More Blogging! Now I love Christmas presents, but I think they […]

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Ooh, It’s Hot!


I don’t often get the chance to blog about the heat, but ooh, it’s a bit too hot for me today! Still, with a cooling drink and a jaunty hat […]

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If I Were a Bumblebee


My eight-legged friend Webster, who lives in his web in the rose bush at the bottom of my garden, has been wondering what it would be like if he could fly. […]

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The Sub-Atomic Particle Zoo


My scientific friend Phyzz went to the zoo recently, and to her delight found a new section devoted to sub-atomic particles. She gives some advice on what to do, and what […]

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