Christmas poem

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already, and I’ve not written a blog for ages! New Year’s resolution – More Blogging!

Now I love Christmas presents, but I think they look best of all before they’re opened, wrapped in Christmas paper, tied with a sparkly bow, sitting under the Christmas tree. So here’s my …

Christmas poem

Christmas present under the tree
Where’s the label? Can I see?
Feel and shake – what can it be?
Tugging, teasing, tempting me.

Coloured paper, ribbon and bow,
Glistening in the tree-lights glow,
Christmas tummy-tingles grow,
What’s inside – I have to know!

But I think presents look their best,
Before they’re opened and ‘undressed’,
A pair of socks or a boring vest
Might leave you rather unimpressed.

So how about – now here’s a thing,
Don’t open them until the spring!
Enjoy the wrapping and the bling,
And on Christmas morning make do with a walnut and a satsuma and all the other bits and pieces that fit into your stocking.


Just kidding!

Happy Christmas