I claim with confidence, I’ve met
Most creatures in the alphabet.
I’ve hunted them with noose or net,
From aardvark, ape and avocet,
Through musk-ox, moose and marmoset,
To xiphias and zebra, yet
It is to my intense regret
I haven’t seen a Yeti … yet.

I’ve trekked by mule with my machete,
Getting chilly, mucky, sweaty,
And, though you may call it petty,
Still I’ve never found a Yeti.

I’ve searched regions dry and wet.
I’ve scoured the plateau of Tibet.
I’ve studied Yeti etiquette,
Seen things I think a Yeti’s ate,
And though I’m not the sort to fret,
I’m really getting quite upset
That I’ve not seen or smelt or met
Or found or caught a Yeti … yet!

First published in ‘A Poetry Teacher’s Toolkit – Book 2’, by Collette Drifte and Mike Jubb, published by David Fulton, 2002.