I spied a pie through the baker’s door,
And then I spied a whole lot more.

Apple pie with crusty topping,
Rabbit pie that won’t stop hopping,
Mince pie hot on Christmas Day,
Pigeon pie that flies away,
Cottage pie with bricks and mortar,
Octopi found underwater,
Butcher’s pie with steak and kidney,
Witches pie with Kate and Sidney,
Shepherd’s pie with spuds and carrots,
Pirate’s pie with squawking parrots,
Blackbird pie begins to sing,
Eel pie keeps on wriggling,
Custard pie that someone throws,
Mud pie oozing through your toes,
Fish pie swimming in the sea,
Cherry pie – the one for me!

I spied a pie through the baker’s door.
A spider pie? Are you really sure?

First published in ‘Poems About Food’, edited by Brian Moses, published by Hodder Wayland 1999