Go See a Museum

Do you think of museums as fusty and dusty?
And beg not to go, on your knees?
Do they seem all the same, whatever the name,
Then you should check out some of these.

Take a trip on your broom to Boscastle in Cornwall,
Their museum is all about witches.
In London there’s one full of sewing machines,
The exhibits will have you in stitches.

At the chair museum in High Wycombe,
It’s standing room only, I’m told.
And the mining museum in Scotland,
Will take you out panning for gold.

There’s a mustard museum in Norwich,
If you’re keen, it’s a good place to go.
And Barometer World in Okehampton,
Is great if the forecast says ‘Snow’.

In Loughborough don’t miss the museum of bells,
I hear that it’s bound to appeal.
Near Walsall you’ll find a museum full of locks,
Where kids get in free. That’s a steal!

Museums full of pencils or carpets or clocks,
Or one for the fans of the bright red post box.
A museum full of shoes, or clocks with cuckoos,
In Japan a museum that’s devoted to loos.

And then, when you’ve seen all there is to be seen,
And your time and your energy’s spent.
Drop in for a cuppa, or maybe some supper,
At the teapot museum, in Kent.