Doll’s House

I see them all stare in the dolls’ house,
And marvel with eyes open wide.
Isn’t it clever? Oh, isn’t it cute?
Look at the man in his shiny black suit.
There’s tea on the table, with cups and a cake,
What a wonder, the miniature things they can make!
Now, move along children. We really can’t stop.
We’ve visitors coming and I need to shop.
There’s so much to do, and it’s looking like rain,
On Friday the traffic can be such a pain.
Yes, I see them all stare in the dolls’ house,
And imagine the world that’s outside.

Now me, I live here in the dolls’ house.
I stand with a cloth and a tray.
And if you should ask me, I’d tell you it true,
I’d rather be here than stuck outside like you.
Nobody hurries, or looks at the clock,
Nobody’s ruled by the tick and the tock.
No tailback of  traffic, no crowds and no crush.
There’s nothing to do and there’s no need to rush.
There’s nobody living, but nobody dies.
Nobody’s laughing, but nobody cries,
Nobody visits, but nobody leaves,
Nobody loves, but nobody grieves.
I just wait to serve tea in the dolls’ house,
For it’s tea time all night and all day.

I see them all stare in the dolls house,
And I wonder who’s fixed and who’s free.
They stand and they stare in the doll’s house,
And maybe they wish they were me.